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I'm a web developer and musician who enjoys technology, gaming, and traveling. My family is from Chile and I currently live and work in South Florida. I'm a big supporter of ocean conservation, marine life, and keeping our earth clean. In my free time, I like to play guitar, go diving or hiking, and travel to new countries.



Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp

Miami, FL - 2018

JavaScript, MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node, TypeScript, Mongoose, Html, CSS, Bootstrap, Mobile-First Design, Git

Wyncode Academy

Full Stack Web Development

Miami, FL - 2017

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Responsive Design, Git & Github, Agile Development

Miami International University of Art & Design

Bachelor of Science: Audio Engineering

Miami, FL
2011 - 2015

Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, SSL Duality, Max MSP, Post Production, Foley, ADR, Acoustics, Music Theory, Analog & Digital Recording, Live Sound, Mixing & Mastering


Some applications I've created while at school or in my free time.



A Canvas based JavaScript game built in a week for Module 1 of Ironhack. It is a remake of the classic game of "Snake". Click the link below to give it a try!

Technologies Used: Vanilla JavaScript, Canvas, HTML, CSS, Heroku, Git, Awesome Sound FX ;)


A mobile friendly recipes application. Users can create and save recipes along with ingredients and add them to an integrated shopping list feature. nom nom nom...

Technologies Used: Angular, Firebase, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Responsive Design, Git

CRM Manager


A basic CRUD application using Angular 5 & Firestore. You have the ability to create new customers, edit & delete. Entries are saved in Firestore & updated in real time.

Technologies Used: Angular 5, Firestore, Firebase, HTML, CSS, Materalize (CSS Framework), Git

Star Wars Mobile


A static website to showcase an example of Mobile First / Responsive Design. Built using only Vanilla CSS & HTML without the use of any additional frameworks. Deployed with Netlify.

Technologies Used: Vanilla CSS, HTML, Mobile First Design, Responsive Design, Netlify, Git

Key Code Visualizer


A simple JavaScript application that allows you to see the JavaScript Key Code for any key event pressed on the keyboard.

Technologies Used: Vanilla JavaScript, HTML, Bulma (CSS Framework), Netlify, Responsive Design, Git



A simple task management application. Users can keep track of their appointments, build grocery lists, study, set workflows, etc.

Technologies Used: Node.js, MongoDB, Express, Mongoose, Passport.js, HTML, CSS, Responsive Design, Heroku, Git

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